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Milk, Ghee, Paneer

Providing pure Milk, Ghee, Paneer to doorstep of consumers without any compromise in the purity and quality of the products.


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Haril Dairy

Our dairy offers organic, nutritious, farm-to-table milk that is 100% pure and natural, delivered to your doorstep every day.

Haril Dairy in Bhopal takes pride in producing dairy products of the highest quality, contributing to the widespread popularity of our brand among households in Bhopal. Our unwavering commitment at Haril Dairy Bhopal has consistently revolved around ensuring the purity and quality of our product range.

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Gir Cow Milk

Gir Cow Milk


Buffalo Milk

Buffalo Milk


Gir Cow Ghee Bhopal

Gir Cow Ghee


Buffalo Ghee

Buffalo Ghee






Soya Paneer